Ontario Solar Lease
Turn Vacant Land Into Guaranteed Revenue With An Ontario Solar Lease

A unique solar lease opportunity is currently available to rural Ontario landowners. With no investment required, landowners can lease a 5 acre parcel of land and earn guaranteed revenue for twenty years. 

Start making money from your vacant and unused land today. Whether you want to use the income to help achieve financial independence or you're looking to save for retirement, this passive income opportunity could be the perfect solution. 

Our team has been involved in Ontario's solar industry since 2009. We have extensive experienced with feed-in tariff rules and the solar application process and we look forward to working with you to turn your vacant land into a guaranteed revenue stream.

Get in touch today to see if your land is a good match for a solar lease.


- Guaranteed income
- 20 year contract
- No investment required
- No applications
- Transferable